Aaaaand the Halloween it past… In my country is not an official tradition so this is just for fun for us, romanians. And of course on Saturday it was a Halloween Party and of course that I went…and of course it was really fun, alcoholic, crazy, scarry, cute and so on.

On this party is already a guy who take pictures of the people on the inside, so I’ve decided to be more unique and take pictures outside and not steal the guy’s job. Here is a law to not smoke inside and sometimes are more people outside and before the party started I’d stayed outside and freez to death, haha joke, and make some picture of some people that interested me the most. I didn’t stayed long becouse cold, cold and alcohol.

I have to tell you this…this is my boyfriend and he did this make-up all by himself. Isn’t it awesome?  I really think that the contrast between him and the Micky Mouse curtain is really funny and I really want it to put that in evidence.

Here you can find more: People. Enjoy! And “see ya” soon with the next post, as usual don’t forget to make the phoyo-moment cout.



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