“Diversity” Collection.

A few weeks ago, at the cultural center where I am a volunteer I’d to take photos at a jewelry gallery called “Diversity” Collection by my friend Dani.

She does a really great job. She is a real artist as you can see below. I will let you enter in her little world of fantasy jewelry.

“Autumn leaves” – Late autumn, frost enveloping.


“Surrounded diamond” – Endless concept.

“Wearing nature” – Braids of nature with soul.

“Green silver” – Green hope drained from silver.

“Hope” – Heart interpretation.

“Tear drop” – Playful, optimistic tear drop.


“Delight” – Noisy flames shadows.

“Candy land” – Candies with taste of black.

“Long leave” – Stoned and elongated time leaves.

“Blue spirit” – Agate the blue on leather.




“The third spring” – The third interpretation of spring.


She was in love with those ear-rings and I really belived her because Dani is awesome.


Alright. That was it. I hope you like it. You must actually.

Make the moment worth and take a photo. 🙂







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