About her and my best pictures so far!

You think I should go fashion?

All you can say until now is that I know how to dress my models. And that her hair is long, haha!

But hey, let’s meet this pineapple pants girl. On her name is Izabela. She is so adorable. I can’t tell how much but I am really happy that I’d met her. She is sweet and careful, she will be there for you even if she doesn’t know you.

I know, I don’t talk that much about my models but she is special and she knows it. This is for you Izabela, is one of this moment when you own the glory!

The first picture is my second favorite picture with her. But which is my first favorite?


So you want to see my favorite and I guess my best picture so far? Well scroll it down 🙂

No it’s this one…down, go ahead!


Here…? Well what do you think? Could is be? Both of them?

If you ask me…it is! I am 100% proud of these two pictures so far. I’d never thought about this progress in my photography.

So thank you for your time. Stay creative and enjoy the photo-moments.

See ya’ next time! X’s and O’s.  Facebook and instagram pages to see more of my work!


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