Canvas Fairy – her name is “Halo”

All I have to say about this day is : TIRED!

I guess we shoot in 3 or 4 different spots. But it worth it because at the end we found this place really nice where the magic happened.

Take a seat and wash your eyes!

Oh I forgot… Her name is Aura translated as “Halo”. She really has an angelic face just like a fairy. And that’s why the title is “Canvas Fairy” she looks like she’s pulled out of a canvas painting.

Let’s see more of our “Halo” !

I hope me and my halo girl gave you a good mood. Of course I have a top picture as usual.


Aaaand that was it from this set. Hope you like is and made you come back and have a look on what will be new on my blog.

Thanks a lot for being here! Yolo and see ya’ in the next post! Kisses and hugs!

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