Sweet Temptation

Who doesn’t need some temptation?

For some eyes pleasure, I present you, Katia.


I don’t know how to call it? Some kind of fashion photoshoot? But an unexpected one, we just played around, found a nice place for her look and BAM the results are really good.

I am a little bit nervous when it comes about clients, but not in a bad way. The challenge is good, really good. It helps you grow!

Because it was nothing planed, I just knew how she was gonna wear, we start to play around and it was really fun. I mean look at these….


Really cute! These are not my best pictures, but they look natural and I don’t know I really like them.

And last but not least….the cat! She stood beside us while we shoot until Katia and her charm with this beauty green eyes cat made sparks!


That was all from this photoshoot, I thank you and Katia for your time! If you like what I do follow me on social media, Instagram  and Facebook thank you so much!

Stay creative!! See ya’ with the next post!


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