Today’s post is about her. I will say this everytime that she will be in a post, you know, because is my cousin and my best friend ever which means she is my sister. Adelina here you go!!

She is always ” Now what? What should I do? How should I stay? This is not my “good face” side” and stuff like that. She is skinny and beautiful, what could you want more??

On this set she had to stay in an uncomfortable position and she stand straight and just whisper between her lips ” If something goes up on me?” and after a couple of shots she screamed out loud ” SPIDEEER”. Poor her. She is terrified about spiders. Sorry Ade!! But as she said, it was worth it, TOTALLY. I mean look at her, she is like a Nymph of Nature or better, Mother Nature herself.


Well as a conclusion I love her! And because we did a photoshoot with 2 outfits I will post the other outfit on the next post so you better check it out!

Thank you so much for your view! See ya’ !

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