Do you remember Maria? From Simply Maria . Well there she is. She will take you on a tour of a abandoned house.

One day she said ” I know this place, with this house (very specific details) ” and one day we get in the car and hit the road. It wasn’t far from our city, it was some village and actually in the street was this beautiful abandoned house.

Please take a look. She is a really good guide I must say.




Did you like it? Well prepare for something more.

As she walked in the back yard…look for yourselves….


Thank you so much Maria because you showed me this place! Can’t wait to do more photos together.

And of course thank you for your little eye that was here and see her magic! Don’t forget to follow me on social media to not miss my newest posts and photoshoots! See ya’ in the next post and enjoy the photo moment! Hugs!

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