Hey you, this is my little piece of work. I’ve made this because I want to share some of my moments, photo moments and something about every person that passes through my lens, because I like being around people and around good vibes so I want you to learn with me maybe something new. 

    It starts like a hobbie but with time I’d find out that all this “play” with the camera or phone it really turns me on and I’d decided to make some real stuff and get to work.

   My dream is to became a real photographer! Big dream isn’t it? But I will work for it and you will help me too. How? You like it? Then share it with your friend or maybe on social media, any like or share is everything! 

    I hope this will be something for you too, it’s not too much, I am not a real photographer, but these are baby steps so I hope that you will feel the passion, not just look, not just passing by but try to connect. 

     My motto: Some moments are nice, some are nicer or even worse, some worth to make a picture about.